Biome Magazine Puzzles – Oct 2023 – Issue 1

Unleash Your Inner Detective with Our Nature-Themed Puzzles! πŸŒΏπŸ”

Ready to dive into a world of wonder, right from the comfort of your home? Our specially-crafted word search and crossword puzzles are the perfect way to explore zoology and ecology in a laid back and relaxing way!

🌱 Why Puzzles? Why Nature?
Puzzles engage your brain, sure, but what if they could also open your eyes to the beauty and intricacies of the natural world? Can the simple act of finding words or filling in blanks spark a deeper appreciation for our planet?

πŸ’‘ What’s In Store for You this Month:

  • A vibrant word search that takes you through the fun world of mammals.
  • A challenging crossword that celebrates the the ecosystem of the Forest.


Unveil the stories nature has to tellβ€”one word at a time.

Wordsearch – Mammals

  • This playful water creature is known for its incredible agility and love for sliding.
  • A marsupial native to Australia, it spends most of its time in eucalyptus trees.
  • These intelligent mammals are famous for their playful leaps and clicks.
  • The fastest land animal, it sports distinctive spots and is a master of speed.
  • Madagascar’s unique primate, with large eyes and a long, bushy tail.
  • An adorable bear, black and white, symbolising conservation efforts.
  • Majestic big cats, with stunning stripes, known for their power and beauty.
  • Australia’s hopping marsupial, carrying its young in a pouch.
  • These red-haired apes are renowned for their intelligence and tree-dwelling lifestyle.
  • The largest primate, with a gentle demeanour despite its immense strength.
  • Slow-moving and gentle, these arboreal mammals are nature’s laid-back treasures.
  • Our closest relatives in the animal kingdom, known for their advanced social behaviours.
  • Small, social mongooses with a habit of standing on their hind legs to scan for danger.
  • These tusked giants of the Arctic are known for their impressive tusks and whiskers.

Crossword – Forests


4. A common forest plant that thrives in damp conditions.
6. An enjoyable activity for exploring the woods.
9. A type of tree often found in forests, like pine or spruce.
11. The sound of leaves or animals moving in the forest.
13. A guardian of the forest, responsible for its preservation.
14. The interconnected web of life in a forest.
15. The peaceful and serene feeling often experienced in a forest.


1. A popular water activity in forested areas.
2. Efforts to protect and preserve forest ecosystems.
3. Animals that inhabit the forest, like deer, foxes, and birds.
5. The upper layer of leaves and branches in a forest.
7. Colourful blooms that add beauty to the forest floor.
8. The variety of plant and animal species in a forest.
10. The collective term for leaves in a forest.
12. The layer of vegetation beneath the forest canopy.


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