Dive into the urban wilderness with this captivating episode of the Biome Podcast. In this two-part exploration, we illuminate the secret lives and surprising adaptations of city-dwelling wildlife.

Our journey begins with an intimate look at the raccoon in our Animal Spotlight segment. Discover the fascinating life history and ingenious adaptations of this urban survivor. Learn how raccoons, with their dexterous hands and masked faces, navigate the complexities of city life and the wild. Uncover the secrets behind their nocturnal escapades and their uncanny ability to thrive in our midst.

In the Technical Section, we expand our focus to the broader spectrum of urban wildlife. From the aerial acrobatics of city birds to the cunning of foxes and coyotes, and the often misunderstood world of the urban rat, we delve into how these diverse species have adapted to urban environments. Explore the challenges they face, from navigating human-made landscapes to the struggle for coexistence, and learn about the innovative strategies being implemented to foster a harmonious coexistence.

Join Grae on the Biome Podcast for an enlightening journey through the urban jungle. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or simply curious about the animals that share our city spaces, this episode offers a fresh perspective on the remarkable adaptability and resilience of urban wildlife.

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